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Why a Bamboo Fence?

Bamboo fencing panels are an ideal solution to instantly transform tired, dull, or unsightly areas in the garden. Bamboo fencing is also a great way of adding to create privacy and a screening around the pool, patio, or even water features. Bamboo fences can easily be fully screwed to any type of wall, fence, shed, and more.

Bamboo is a great alternative to traditional timber as it is one of the most renewable resources on the planet. Thanks to its rapid growth rate, requiring little maintenance, and easy regeneration, the bamboo plant is the perfect material to enhance your backyard with. Our bamboo fencing panels are long-lasting and easy to install, and Island Thatch offers the best price. From only $49.95 each, they are incredibly affordable.

Bamboo Fencing Installed by a pool
Bamboo Panels

An Affordable Way to Instantly Transform Your Yard Into a Dream Destination

Adding bamboo fencing panels to your outdoor area is an asset for residential properties. It hides unsightly parts of the garden, refreshes old fences, and transforms your backyard to an appealing space for entertaining and everyday living.

Bamboo fencing fits perfectly into an asian-style themed or tropical inspired area. However, if you're not wanting to achieve a specific theme, the organic colour of the bamboo indicates that it will instantly give any space a modern, clean and timeless look.

You Can Trust Island Thatch's Expertise

For over 20 years, Island Thatch has delivered outstanding service Australia wide providing affordable bamboo panels. Our background demonstrates that we are experts in landscaping and will ensure that you make the right selection of bamboo panels for your space.

If you’re unsure if Island Thatch Bamboo Panels are right for you, please reach out to our friendly staff to discuss your options and determine the correct size, type, and colour for your specific needs.

Pool Bamboo Panels
Quality Bamboo Panels

Quality Sourced Bamboo Panels

Island Thatch’s commitment to offering an excellent deal has lead us to source and import the materials ourselves from around the world. Growing and working with our incredible suppliers over the course of our business guarantees that we can secure the greatest value for you on our quality products.

We service and deliver our Bamboo fences all over Queensland and beyond.

Our Bamboo Panels Range

Island Thatch only ranges bamboo panels in colours that you can find in the environment; natural, black, and smoked. The natural colours also mean the bamboo fencing can be universally suited to a wide variety of fencing projects such as fencing, divider, garden, and privacy screen.

Half Bamboo

Half raft bamboo poles are the most cost-effective way to add luxury to your outdoor project. They are single sided bamboo panels which makes it the easiest style to secure to a fence. The half raft panels are also very lightweight.

Natural and Black

Black bamboo is well known for its deep striking shade. This specific bamboo adds a stunning twist to any landscaping project as it is very efficient in creating privacy screens, noise barriers, as well as contrasting against the vibrant, green gardens. Natural bamboo has a golden shade. Natural colour bamboo is popular because it brightens up any space, is very versatile, and adds character.

Whole Bamboo

Whole bamboo poles are a little bit heavier, but they are sturdy. This style is the best choice for replacing an existing fence as well as desiring a free-standing bamboo fencing where both sides will be seen.


Natural bamboo has a golden shade. Natural colour bamboo is popular because it brightens up any space, is very versatile, and adds character.

Whole Bamboo


Smoked bamboo has gone through a treatment in which smoke is used to cure the panels. The method has been around for thousands of years and produces a gorgeous depth of colour that is highly sought after.

Island Thatch Bamboo Panels have the following qualities

Retaining Your Bamboo Quality

Protect and Prolong the Life Of Your Bamboo Fence

Once your beautiful Island Thatch bamboo fence is installed, it’s important to maintain it to extend the life of your investment. The aftercare of your bamboo panels is easy, and guarantees your fence remains in excellent condition for years to come.
To prevent any natural weathering, and fungi or mould growths, we recommend applying our bamboo protector, Bamboocoat to all Bamboo Panels.

Bamboo Protector

Our bamboo protector is specifically formulated to treat bamboo fencing. It will protect the surface of the bamboo from weathering, and maintain its quality. A bamboo protector is also perfect for retaining the original bamboo colour by replacing the natural oils lost through wear and tear. Island Thatch recommends waiting to use this product for at least three months after installation, and re-coating every three or four years for maximum longevity.

Ask us about our installation service available in some areas!

Bamboo Panels

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