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Turn your own backyard into a tropical paradise

In Australia, we are blessed with a climate that allows us to enjoy outdoor living, so why not create a tropical paradise in your backyard? Your backyard is where you’ll host a variety of people year-round so of course, you want it to look as stunning as possible, incorporating that elusive tropical lifestyle feel as well.

Whether it’s relaxing with a book, getting to entertain friends or taking refuge from the heat of the day, a Bali Hut or Gazebo from Island Thatch is a stunning yet simple solution to enhance your outdoor area – adding both tropical tranquillity and value to your house throughout the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and all around Australia. Our Bali huts, gazebos and umbrellas make the perfect addition to any backyard and with our extensive range on offer, you have multiple options to choose from to suit any backyard.

Outdoor living area by a pool with thatched umbrellas and deck chairs.

The high quality and timeless feature you need

Thatch Roof Bali Huts, Gazebos and Umbrellas have a timeless appeal, with Bali huts having been used for shelter and shade throughout the world for centuries. The thatch breathes naturally and does an amazing job of completely transforming any outdoor space. Whether it’s a single Bali hut or multiple Bali huts, these unique features will perfectly complement any backyard, creating outdoor spaces that will be talked about for months after hosting friends or family.

Our Bali Huts, gazebos and umbrellas are both designed and manufactured in Australia to stringent standards, guaranteeing you peace of mind and quality. We utilise our extensive experience to deliver a high quality product. You can also easily install Bali huts with our comprehensive instructions, leaving you feeling like a professional by the time it’s been installed.

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Why you’ll love our Bali Huts & Umbrellas!

We are proud of our Bali huts and throughout the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and beyond, our Bali huts, gazebos and umbrellas have been thoroughly enjoyed and utilised in many backyards. Let these beautiful additions become the hidden secret that your guests can’t stop talking about. We are committed to seeing your tropical dream become a reality and our Bali huts, gazebos and umbrellas are the perfect solution.

Bali Hut

In addition to transforming an outdoor space, our Bali Thatch Huts and African Thatch Roof Gazebos are:

African Gazebo by a pool

Our Bali Hut Kits include:

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Bali Hut & Umbrella Kits

Bali Hut Kits

Throughout the Gold Coast and the rest of Australia, naturally insulated thatch roofs and timber shingle Bali huts have been used for shelter and shade throughout the world for many years. And it’s not hard to see why. These durable, visually interesting huts do an amazing job of creating a stunning outdoor space that is able to withstand the brutal Australian weather conditions. Our natural thatch and shingle gazebo kits are designed and manufactured right here in Australia. Our kits for the Bali huts also have optional upgrades with decking, square cypress posts, coconut posts or staining of the rafters.

View your Bali Hut Kits Brochure right here.

Synthetic Bali Hut Kits​

Choosing a synthetic Bali hut and gazebo kit for your backyard is a great alternative to the natural products we have on offer. Synthetic Bali huts provide increased longevity to your product whilst also maintaining that authentic look we aim to provide.

The kits for our synthetic Bali huts and gazebos are all designed and manufactured right here and are held to the highest standard when being made. These also come with optional upgrades including an ornate terracotta crown, decking, square cypress posts, coconut posts and staining of the rafters.

View your Synthetic Bali Hut Kits Brochure right here.​

Round & Umbrella Kits​

These visually appealing thatch umbrellas are a great choice when selecting the tropical aesthetic for your outdoor area. The ‘1 Post’ sizes on offer allow you to have the option to include a cocktail table centred around the middle post to really encapsulate that classic island feel.

All of our thatch umbrella kits are designed and manufactured in Australia and have been factory treated and tested to ensure they are made to the highest quality possible. Optional upgrades for this kit include a cocktail table, post stirrup, decking, staining of the rafters and inclusion of Timber Glow Stain.

View your Round & Umbrella Kit Brochure right here.​

Want to know more?

Here at Island Thatch, we are the experts in Bali huts and umbrellas. We’ve been working in the industry for many years, and have continued to expand our knowledge and expertise that we are then able to pass onto all of our customers. Our passion is seeing all of our customers happy with their new Bali huts or umbrellas and it’s why Island Thatch exists.

No matter what you need, whether it’s a Bali hut for your spacious garden, or a thatched umbrella to add that tropical holiday feel to your pool area, we are here to help and are happy to talk you through the process. We are dedicated to seeing that all of our customers get exactly what they are looking for, and we are the team you can trust to make sure that happens. Chat to us today about what the best solution looks like for you!

Why Choose Island Thatch for all of your Bali Huts, Gazebos and Umbrellas?

Best quality at the best pricing

We go above and beyond to source all of our materials ourselves from around the world. This allows us to offer the highest quality products for the best possible price.

Expert advice on-hand whenever you need it

Our friendly team is ready to talk to you about what the right product for you is. Whether that's a hut, gazebo or umbrella, our team of experts are happy to have a chat with you and find out what your perfect fit is.

We can organise an installation service

To make the process of installing your brand new hut, gazebo or umbrella as quick and simple as possible, we have a wide network of trusted installation experts who can get the job done.

Revamp your backyard at a fraction of the price

Rather than undergoing the expensive landscaping and redesigning your outdoor area process, choose a Bali hut, gazebos or umbrella to give you the relaxing ambience you always wanted.

Deliver Australia-wide

No matter where you are, we are happy to organise delivery for you throughout our beautiful country. You no longer have to only dream about creating your perfect backyard, we are dedicated to ensuring our products are accessible to you wherever you are in Australia.

Holiday in your own outdoor space

With our amazing Bali huts, gazebos and umbrellas, you can simply step outside your back door and feel like you're in paradise. No more long, exhausting flights to a holiday, you can easily open the door into your dream outdoor living area, adding even more value to your home.