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Island Thatch Shingle Roofing options are designed to withstand our extreme climate.

All our shingles are 100% waterproof when installed correctly with a life expectancy of 25 years+ for Timber Shingle options, with our Synthetic Shingles having a 25 to 50 year warranty.

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Our Shingle Roofing Range

Ironwood Shingles

Island Thatch’s Ironwood Shingle Roofing offers timeless beauty, with excellent durability. Designed to withstand our extreme climate, they are 100% waterproof when installed correctly, require no maintenance and are mildew resistant. With a life expectancy of over 20 years, they are a long term solution for outdoor shade.

Ironwood Shingle Roofing has the following qualities:

Showcasing rich copper tones, that can be left to soften over time, or stained, Island Thatch’s Ironwood Shingle Roofing offers timeless strength and resilience, even in more extreme weather conditions. Ironwood (Ulinwood) is one of the most durable timbers to be found internationally, which is why these roofing shingles are so popular for a wide range of roofing applications.

A traditional roofing material in Indonesia, where its commonly known as Kayu Besi, shingle roofing offers a lifespan of over 20 years. This type of roofing first originated in Kalimantan, Borneo where it has been used for hundreds of years for housing, due to it’s strength, aesthetic appeal and weather resistance.

Building with Ironwood Shingles:

Before building an Ironwood Shingle Roof on either a custom built, or prefabricated structure, battens must initially be installed and the shingles attached one by one. This process can be completed quickly and efficiently by a professional roofer, or by a DIY enthusiast following our instruction guide, making it a cost effective, long lasting option. Ironwood Shingles are best installed on a pitched roof (recommended minimum 30 degrees) .

Western Red Cedar Shingles


Widely used in North America, and Europe, these shingles are ideal for gazebos and outdoor rooms. Benefits of Western Red Cedar Shingles include durability, exceptional insulation and low maintenance, as well as a natural, rustic texture.  

Island Thatch sources “Blue Label” premium grade Cedar Shingles suitable for all roof cladding applications. Red Cedar shingles have the following benefits:

Synthetic Shingle Roofing

Da Vinci shingles offer a fantastic alternative to the natural shingles, with the advantages of durability and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. With a USA Class A fire rating, Da Vinci tiles make a great choice for commercial projects and DIY projects alike.

The aged cedar effect tiles come in 520mm length and vary from 100-200mm in width. They replicate the natural colour, texture and size variation of a natural tile to give an authentic look to your next roofing project. 

Synthetic Shingle Roofing has the following qualities :

GAF Asphalt Shingles

GAF asphalt shingles are quickly becoming a popular choice for residential roofing in Australia. The minimalist colours and outline of the shingles give a contemporary look that is highly sought after, including the ever popular “Hamptons Look”.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing has the following qualities:

Asphalt roofing shingles are fibreglass mats, ingrained with asphalt and ceramic granules. They are a lighter alternative to tiles, with a much stronger result. Comparative to traditional tiles, they are also safer to walk over, have no algae growth and maintenance free. They have a higher thermal rating to metal and won’t scratch of dent. The process of installing asphalt shingles, begins with plywood sheeting to cover the roof, followed by ‘deck armour’ a one-way, breathable, membrane. The shingles are then fastened to the sheeting using flat-headed roofing nails.

With a long manufacturer’s warranty, and low square meter price, you won’t find a better value roofing material for your residential home, or gazebo.


  • Roof Pitch – 20 Degrees
  • Rafter Spacing – 650 mm

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

  • Timberline  – 50 years.
  • Royal Sovereign – 25 years


Good to Know

Recommended roof pitch: 30 degrees

Recommended rafter spacing: 500 – 650 mm

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Applications for Shingle Roofing

Shingle Roofing

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