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THATCH : BALI $13.95 AFRICAN $23.50 SYNTHETIC $32.95

3.8 M AFRICAN GAZEBO $2950  4 X 4 M BALI HUT $2950 

Island Thatch

Transform your backyard into a tropical oasis with Island Thatch's easy to install thatch roofing materials, Bali Huts, African Gazebos, Bamboo Panels and more.

Island Thatch offers quality products at unbeatable wholesale prices. Our authentic roofing products and thatch huts are perfect for the DIY enthusiast or for professional installation.

Thatch Roofing

Island Thatch's easy to use thatching materials are the perfect solution for creating your own, unique resort style retreat at home.

African Thatch Tiles

These versatile, thatch tiles can be clipped, stapled or nailed onto existing or custom designed structures for easy, no fuss installation. We stock the best quality, most durable tiles available.

For more information, please view our African Roofing Thatch

Bali Thatch

Our Alang Alang thatching is woven around a bamboo batten and can be stapled or nailed onto existing or customised structures. Our  A grade Bali thatching comes in 2.5 m lengths, with natural string offering best quality and value for peace of mind.

For more information, please view Bali Thatch

Virothatch Synthetic Thatching –
The World's Best Thatching Alternative

 Used throughout the world in resorts such as Disneyworld, USA, The Mulia, Bali, The Sheraton Shopping Mall, Seminyak, this synthetic thatching is the BEST on the market for it’s looks, durability and quality.

Bali Virothatch comes in tile form making it an easy, no fuss replacement system for African or Bali Thatching. Ideal for themed resorts, shop fittings etc, it can also be used on a timber or corrugated roof to give a tropical feel to an existing area with little effort.
The easy to use thatch tile is UV and colour stabilised meaning no fading, no maintenance and no fuss for at least 20 + years. Virosurface – a synthetic matting for panelling or cladding is an ideal solution to turn ceiling and walls into a tropical statement.
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Bamboo Screening

Island Thatch has sourced the best quality bamboo panels. Now available at wholesale prices, these easy to install, affordable screens can transform any area into a stunning tropical setting.
Available in various sizes, and Natural or Black in colour, this durable fencing requires minimum maintenance.
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Bali Huts & African Gazebos

Island Thatch manufactures high quality thatch gazebos to stringent Australian standards. Directly sourcing authentic Cape Reed tiles from Africa, Alang Alang Bali thatching from Indonesia and using quality local Australian timbers, Island Thatch ensures product excellence & value.

Gazebo and Hut Kits

Island Thatch's Gazebo and Hut kits are a fantastic landscaping feature whether you are looking for a Bali style retreat, an African cabana or an attractive shade solution. Adding ambience to any space, the natural beauty of thatch also offers excellent insulating properties helping to keep you up to 10 degrees cooler than other types of roofing in the hot summer months, as well as retaining warmth in the cooler seasons.

DIY Thatch Structures

Island Thatch's African Gazebo Kits are manufactured from treated pine rafters on a galvanised steel outer ring, with authentic Cape Reed thatch tiles from Africa.

Our African Gazebo Kits include:

  • African HutSingle Post Umbrellas
  • African HutSquare African Gazebos
  • African HutRectangular African Gazebos

For more information, please view our African Hut Kits

Island Thatch's Bali Huts are manufactured from treated pine timbers, with authentic Alang Alang thatching from Bali.

Our Bali Hut Kits include:

  • Balinese GazeboSingle Post Umbrellas
  • Balinese GazeboSquare Bali Huts
  • African HutRectangular Bali Huts

For more information, please view our Bali Hut Kits

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Island Thatch
Our Thatch & Huts


Please visit our galleries to view our Huts and Thatch Products

  • Bali Huts

Bali Hut Kits
& Bali Roofing Thatch

A Balinese Hut is the perfect way to create your own tropical paradise at home. An Island Thatch Bali Hut will transform your landscaping project into a tropical island dream.

  • African Gazebos

African Gazebo Kits
& African Cape Thatch Tiles

Create an Oasis in your backyard with an African Gazebo from Island Thatch.

  • Bamboo Screening


Bamboo panels are flexible and durable, environmentally friendly and require minimum maintenance.

  • Virothatch
    Synthetic Thatch

Virothatch Synthetic Thatch

Virothatch Synthetic Thatching is superior to natural thatch and other synthetic thatch products.