Why Invest in Bamboo Screens and Fencing on the Sunshine Coast

Bamboo Fencing Installed by a pool
The beautiful Sunshine Coast is well known for its laid-back atmosphere and dense hinterland that hug the sublime beaches. Why not bring a piece of the tropics into your Sunshine Coast backyard with a garden bamboo screen.

At Island Thatch, we sell bamboo screens all throughout the Sunshine Coast region that are low maintenance and are an elegant feature to revitalise your space with. Our bamboo fencing panels are easy to assemble and can act as an effective privacy shield for your home. Each panel is customisable, coming in a variety of different sizes, so whether you are trying to create a full fence around your property or an outdoor dining area, it’s possible with Island Thatch.

Skip the look of a plain wooden fence, there are several advantages to including bamboo fencing in your front or backyard. A garden bamboo screen is a more cost effective and environmentally friendly solution. Below are some more benefits of bamboo privacy fencing for your Sunshine Coast home and why Island Thatch is your number one bamboo specialist.

1. Bamboo screens provide shade​

Did you know that the Sunshine Coast has about 300 days of sunshine a year? That’s a long period of time to be exposed to the sun’s harsh rays! Bamboo outdoor screens are a quick and modern fix to shield your family from the sun all year long.  

Most ordinary fences are tall wooden barriers that prevent prying eyes or unwanted guests. Bamboo screens can not only block out beams of light from the sun, but they do this without hindering the flow of the refreshing breeze. They are also extremely lightweight, meaning the bamboo outdoor screens can simply be installed onto an already existing fence, balustrade, or pergola. 

Another way to retreat from the sun but still enjoy your garden sanctuary is to mount a thatched umbrella over a lounge chair or next to the pool. A thatched umbrella is the easiest solution to create a haven where you can just unwind in the shade with a book in your lap and a refreshing iced tea by your side. 

2. A bamboo fence keeps animals out​

Animals such as rodents, possums, or even meek insects cause enormous amounts of property damage every year. Living in the subtropical climate of the Sunshine Coast can draw in many pesky, unwanted visitors during the day and night. Bamboo fencing screens will keep all sorts of animals out of your land, helping to safeguard your material goods and health of your garden.

Pool Bamboo Panels

3. An outdoor bamboo screen can also keep animals in

A privacy bamboo fence doesn’t just keep animals out, it can also keep them in. A bamboo fencing screen is such a simple and reliable solution for pet owners who are concerned their furry friend might jump and climb over fences in order to escape from backyards. Island Thatch bamboo panels are available in different heights to guarantee your pet is kept safely enclosed inside your home without the risk of leaping to the top. 

There’s also no denying a bamboo fencing screen’s structure and durability, it won’t break or bend from your dog’s active enthusiasm. A bamboo fence is extremely sturdy, robust, and resilient, making it the perfect fencing screen for medium to large dogs. They’re so resistant in fact they hold up against weight, wind, and weather change, so you can rest easy knowing your boisterous pup will stay enclosed at home. 

4. A bamboo privacy fence is water resistant ​

Bamboo fencing is a great choice for a Sunshine Coast home. As bamboo is a type of grass it is more water resistant than typical hardwood, making it perfect for those few rainy months a year. However, it is important to note that bamboo is not waterproof.

Although bamboo is naturally a strong material, it is constantly subjected to wind, rain, UV rays, dust, pests, and debris being constantly outdoors. The repeating sequence of being subjected to moisture and drying out can create small breaks on the surface of the bamboo. The UV radiation from being in the ever-sunny Sunshine Coast can also cause the fibres to break down, causing damage to your bamboo screens.

There is a silver lining, there are steps you can take to extend the life of your bamboo fence. Examine your bamboo screens every few months for any impairments or pests. You’ll also want to check if the bamboo starts to crack, peel, mould or amass vermin and insects. Catching on to any noticeable concerns rapidly and resolving them as soon as possible will prevent further damage in the future, which could result in more money spent.  

Finally, use a bamboo protector and rejuvenator every three years or so to prevent mould and bamboo rot. It’s best to give the bamboo fence a good clean by power wash beforehand to remove any bugs or dust that might have accumulated over time.

5. Stun guests with a garden just right for summer nights

Installing bamboo privacy fencing in your yard is an effective way to define your outdoor living space. Entertaining all summer long and beyond with a more contemporary look has never been so attainable. Island Thatch’s garden bamboo screen can be used in an assortment of ways to spruce up your terrace for future guests. 

There is no need to dust off the shovel to dig up your old fence, with bamboo fence screen panels you can quickly and easily position the sections over the top for an instant facelift. Otherwise, you can make a design statement and imitate the look of a resort by placing several bamboo panels along the walls or ceiling. Lastly, if you have an unsightly area in your garden you want to cover, a privacy bamboo fence can promptly conceal it for a more aesthetic appearance. 

With a garden bamboo screen in your Sunshine Coast home, you will always be entertainment ready for summer barbecues, refreshing afternoon drinks by the pool or even family dinners under the stars.

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6. Perfect fit for a coastal or tropical themed backyard

The coastal and tropical oasis backyard themes are the most popular around the Sunshine Coast. They are both widely accepted because the themes blend effortlessly into the environmental backdrop of the area, as well as having the ability to convert your area into a resort-like atmosphere.

Bamboo is a natural element that is a no-brainer when it comes to enhancing your coastal or tropical designed garden on the Sunshine Coast. Instantly giving your space a facelift, it can be easily featured with bamboo privacy screening or a bamboo fence. The colour of the bamboo stain, whether natural or smoked, can complement your landscaping and backyard furnishings. 

By choosing to implement a bamboo privacy fence into your coastal or tropical themed garden, you can bring the ambiance of the shoreline or vibrant inland rainforest entirely to your back door. Island Thatch is determined to meet your project preferences while achieving the coastal or tropical oasis of your dreams.

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Buy Bamboo Fencing in Sunshine Coast by Shopping with Island Thatch

Are you interested in enhancing your Sunshine Coast yard with bamboo fencing? Whether you want a fence screening to improve privacy, shade, or purely for adding a visual spark to your property, the bamboo screens at Island Thatch are perfect for the job. Contact us today if you have any questions, want more information on bamboo panel sizes or would like a quote.