3 Hamptons Fence Ideas for Your Home

Hamptons style PVC fencing
Fencing can dramatically transform the aesthetics and functionality of your property. So your choice of fencing and the way that you style that fencing is important.

At Island Thatch, we understand this more than most. As a market leader located in Brisbane, our PVC fencing options are popular throughout Australia, as they look expensive, yet offer great affordability, are durable, long-lasting, and are way easier to maintain than other fencing options.

For 22 years, we've been helping landscapers, builders, property developers and homeowners to transform their property exteriors with our PVC fencing and other products. With three different Hamptons style PVC fencing options within our range, we've seen first-hand plenty of stunning ways that Hamptons style PVC fencing can be used to create a timelessly elegant Hamptons look.

If you've found your way to this article, you've likely been inspired by the luxurious Hamptons style and are looking for ideas on the different ways you can use Hamptons fencing to style and transform your home. You're not alone; Hamptons-style living is popular for a reason. It's a blend of sophisticated elegance, breezy coastal vibes, and timeless architecture.

The Hamptons style has captured the hearts of many, and the Hampton style fences play a huge role in achieving the overall Hamptons look.

So, here are 3 Hamptons Fence Styles and ideas on how you can use each of them to transform your home and/or outdoor space.

Introducing three of the most popular Hamptons fencing styles

At Island Thatch, we’ve found three of the most in-demand fencing styles for Hamptons style PVC fencing to be;

  • Hamptons privacy fencing
  • Hamptons picket fencing
  • Hamptons top picket fencing

We will cover each of these three main types of Hamptons-style pvc fencing, along with ideas on how you can use each of them to enhance your home and outdoor environment to create the look you’ll love.

Hamptons style PVC fencing

1. Hamptons Privacy Fence: modern sleek lines, peace and privacy

Hamptons privacy fences deliver an unbeatable blend of style and seclusion.

Characterised by a full-panel design, a Hamptons style privacy fence ensures complete privacy, acting as a shield from the outside world.

From a functional perspective, a Hamptons privacy fence gives you the privacy of keeping prying eyes out, thanks to its stunning white solid panels. The privacy panels also help to significantly reduce noise that comes into your property, transforming your outdoor space into one of relaxation. The privacy and noise blocking properties of privacy fencing panels give you a safe and secure space to enjoy the outdoors in full privacy, even if you live on a busy street or a high-traffic area.

But, while Hamptons style full privacy fencing offers this host of functional benefits, they’re not just about keeping the world out.

From a design standpoint, a Hamptons privacy fence offers sophisticated elegance that creates a stunning aesthetic. The simple, white, clean cut panels of a Hamptons privacy fence present a neat, tidy, light and expensive look that increases the beauty of your backyard.

Styling ideas for Hampton style privacy fencing

There are many design possibilities for a full privacy Hamptons fence.

The full-panel design of this type of fence serves as a blank canvas.

It allows you to play with vertical gardens, add exterior artwork, or even introduce sections of decorative designs for added flair. The solid, clear-cut and elegant look of this fencing style provides a backdrop, making everything in front of it pop.

Some styling ideas to consider for a Hampton Privacy Fence:

  • Lush green oasis: Use the clean lines of the Hamptons style front fence as a backdrop for lush green plants. From tall bamboo shoots to cascading creepers, the stark white contrast of the fence accentuates the vibrant colours of your garden. Add in a few tropical plants, and you can recreate a Balinese paradise right in your backyard.
  • Statement entrances: Frame your main entrance with a Hamptons style front fence. Perhaps add an arched gate or an ornamental door, creating a focal point that draws visitors in, setting an elegant tone before they even enter the house.
  • Enhance the landscape: Use the fence as a backdrop for water features or sculptures. The contrast will accentuate these features, making them a focal point in your garden.

Island Thatch Hamptons Privacy white PVC fence

At Island Thatch, we offer a Privacy Fence in the Hamptons style pvc fencing that is popular with customers wanting to increase their privacy and reduce noise.

With multiple height options, aluminium reinforced bottom rails, and a manufacturer’s guarantee, these are easy to install and offer an elegant look. The solid white panels simplify the surroundings, offering a bright backdrop for your outdoor areas.

Beyond their visual charm, our privacy Hamptons fence options in PVC fencing offers longevity and durability that are far more than you’d expect. Made from long lasting outdoor material that is unfazed by our extreme weather in Australia, this fence requires very minimal upkeep. No frequent paint touch-ups, no wear and tear; just a consistently elegant boundary.

2. Hamptons Picket Fence: an age-old classic, redefined

The Hamptons white picket fence gives a timeless charm and aesthetic. There’s a reason the “white picket fence” is a term that is synonymous with owning a beautiful, elegant home. The traditional white picket fence look is a classic design that looks fantastic and high-class on almost any property. A Hamptons picket fence fits perfectly into the modern landscape, offering both openness and a touch of privacy.

For homes with playful pets or children, the picket fence offers security without blocking views. Its sturdy construction, combined with choosing the right height for your backyard, presents both safety and aesthetics.

While traditional wooden picket fences can be a chore to maintain, this Hamptons fencing option from Island can add character to your home, but without the maintenance requirements. Quality PVC fencing is durable, UV resistant, and hardy, standing up against the elements, the test of time, and doesn’t require repainting or termite treatments.

By choosing a PVC fencing option, you can achieve the traditional white wooden picket fence look, but without the hassle or upkeep.


Styling ideas for Hamptons style picket fencing

Picket fencing in the Hamptons style pvc fencing looks absolutely stunning with an added PVC fence arbour at the entrance of your property. Arbours can enhance the look of your entryways, and work perfectly with a pedestrian entry gate. We have an example of this look with a Hampton style picket fence on our PVC fencing product page.

This style also adds semi privacy to your home, without completely blocking off your yard. The height you choose can adjust the level of openness or semi privacy that you have in your outdoor areas.

Styling ideas to consider include:

  • Varying heights: one idea to play around with the varying levels of semi privacy that the Hamptons style picket fencing gives, is to have a shorter fence for your Hamptons style front fence, and a higher fence surrounding your backyard. If you have elements that break up your fencing, like PVC fence arbours, or other structural features within your home, this is a unique styling choice that can give you the variety of the different levels of openness and semi privacy.
  • Modern minimalism: For a more contemporary approach, space out larger plants along the fence. This maintains a minimalist design, allowing both the fence and the plants to shine.
  • Lighting effects: Add outdoor lanterns or string lights along the top of the Hamptons fencing for that warm, inviting glow. Not only does this provide essential outdoor lighting, but it also adds a magical ambiance during evening gatherings.


Island Thatch Hamptons picket fencing

At Island Thatch, we offer a stunning Hamptons Picket Fence which radiates elegance and refinement. With multiple heights to choose from, aluminium reinforced bottom rails and a manufacturer’s guarantee, our PVC picket fencing in the Hamptons style gives you a semi-private, stylish fence that looks stunning for a very long time.

Hamptons Privacy Fence Suppliers
White Hamptons PVC Fence

3. Hamptons Top Picket Fence: merging privacy with picket style

Why settle for one style when you can blend the best of both worlds? The Hamptons Top Picket Fence is a perfect marriage between the privacy-centric design of a Hamptons privacy fence, and the timeless picket style design of a Hamptons picket fence.

This Hampton Top Picket Fence style offers a unique combination: the solid structure of a privacy fence and the open elegance of the picket design, so you don’t have to trade off design for functionality.

This is one of our most popular semi privacy styles at Island Thatch, offering a mixture of privacy and openness.


Styling ideas for Top Picket fencing in Hamptons Style

This fence integrates seamlessly with a variety of garden aesthetics. The solid white bottom of the panels, and the picket top detailing, work well with a range of backyard styles.

You could grow vines between the pickets along the fence, grow shrubbery that sits in front of the solid white panel base of the fence, or even hang flower pots along the picket section.

For style inspiration, imagine dense shrubbery bordering the fence’s solid base, and hanging flower pots along the picket section.

Here are some other style ideas to consider:

  • Coastal vibes: Given its blend of privacy and style, this fence type pairs beautifully with coastal-themed landscapes. Think sandy pathways, seashells, and ornamental grasses swaying in the breeze.
  • Artistic displays: The solid bottom half of the Hamptons Top Picket Fence is perfect for outdoor art displays. Whether it’s a mural, a vertical garden, or even a water feature, the fence becomes more than just a boundary; it’s a canvas.
  • Multi-functional spaces: Use the fence to create different zones in your garden — a BBQ area, a play zone, and maybe a quiet reading nook. With its blend of privacy and style, this fence is adaptable to the different functional needs you have throughout your home’s exterior.
  • Vertical gardens: The Hamptons Top Picket Fence is perfect for vertical gardening. Hang planters, attach shelves, or even use it as a trellis for climbers.


Island Thatch Top Picket Hamptons Style PVC Fencing

Our white PVC fence options in the Top Picket Hamptons style are known for their longevity.

Constructed with durability in mind, our PVC fence options achieve the same look as, but are longer lasting than, standard white timber fences. This is because the PVC fencing material resists termites, rot, and UV damage. An investment here promises years of functional elegance.

We also offer customisation options for our top picket style fence range. For example, you can adjust the division between the solid and picket parts based on your privacy needs. This flexibility means your fence can be adjusted to work in perfectly with your home and requirements.

This fence, like the rest in our high-quality PVC fencing range, also comes with aluminium-reinforced bottom rails and is backed by a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Looking for a high-quality Hamptons fence in PVC fencing?

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to spruce up your property or an agent looking to add value to the homes you’re marketing, opting for a Hamptons fence has many benefits and is a decision you won’t regret. The blend of aesthetics, functionality, and durability that Island Thatch’s Hamptons fencing options provide is unparalleled.

Island Thatch’s PVC fencing is made to withstand the harsh Australian conditions, and our team, based in Brisbane, are always just a call away if you’re looking for advice, help or recommendations. Our fences are not only termite and pest-resistant but also weather-resistant and UV-resistant. Our durable PVC finish features UV inhibitors and protection that helps the fence to withstand weathering far better than timber fences or other alternatives, and look better than metal fencing. Our products are always of the highest quality, ensuring that your Hamptons fence will stand the test of time.

One of the best things about our PVC fencing range is that our fences look expensive, but are highly affordable. We offer high quality products at wholesale prices, thanks to our fantastic industry connections and dedication to helping as many Australian families as possible transform their homes and outdoor spaces.

Arbours, gates and PVC fencing accessories

In addition to our three main Hamptons style PVC fencing options, we also offer PVC fence arbours, PVC gates and other fencing accessories, which are designed to match perfectly with your Island Thatch PVC fencing. We have a range of gates, caps, stirrups, latches and more, and our friendly team are here to help you find the gates and accessories that will work in perfectly with the fence style you choose and the overall look you are going for. You can view more information on the options we have available for our PVC fencing gates on our PVC fencing page, or by downloading a free product brochure.

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