5 Balinese Inspired Ways to Invigorate Your Tropical Backyard

A Bali hut in a backyard with a pool
A Balinese-style garden has become increasingly popular over the last few years. More and more Australian homeowners are seeing the calming benefits of Balinese garden design. The charm of the Bali Garden style is crystal clear, creating a private tropical paradise to sit, relax and take a moment of quiet reflection amongst the lush greenery. For the most authentic tropical Balinese garden, consider including these style ideas in your overall design.

1. Entertain with Bali or Synthetic Thatch Roofs

Thatched roofing on a Bali hut or Gazebo is an easy way to turn your garden or backyard into a tropical paradise. It offers a functional and environmentally friendly alternative to any outdoor structure. There are two types of Bali Thatch roofs that you can customise to suit your very own exotic oasis, traditional and synthetic. 

Bali Thatch Roofs are made up of Alang Alang Thatching Grass that is woven around a bamboo batten to then be easily nailed or stapled into a customisable position. Bali Thatch  has a long lifespan, offers natural insulation and UV protection, is up to 10 degrees cooler than a metal roof in the summer months, does not condensate and is 100% waterproof. 

While natural thatch roofs hold up in the Bali climate, the harsh Australian conditions mean the thatch might become brittle, sustain wind damage, and become weak over time. Synthetic thatch roofs are a great alternative to natural thatching. The difference in the synthetic materials is that the thatch is UV resistant, , mould, chip, and termite resistant, bird/wind proof and requires absolutely no maintenance. 

2. Go Green With Tropical Plants

The rich green colour that encompasses a Balinese-style garden creates a lush, tranquil environment. This is because green is largely considered the most soothing colour and is well-known to reduce blood pressure. If you’re aiming for a genuine tropical feel, the secret is to layer different types of green plants to build up the texture and imitate a natural Balinese garden. 

The type of green plants you eventually select will be determined by features such as the plant’s density, height, shape, and movement and how they flow within your design. The most common varieties that can be found in Bali-style gardens include:

Maidenhair Fern – Ferns are a tough but beautiful addition to any Balinese garden design. The most popular Fern, the evergreen Maidenhair Fern, has elegant foliage that can be grown in pots or hanging baskets. However, they need to be kept in a dimly lit part of the garden and also need constant upkeep to save the soil from drying out.

Mondo Grass – Ground covers are the perfect plants to make your garden look full but not congested. They can also be used around pools or concrete as a type of edging. Mondo grass, in particular, involves very minimal care and even thrives when ignored. This evergreen plant is small but unforgettable. They form in clumps and are notorious for producing small berries during the year.

3. Create Privacy with Bamboo Panels

To faithfully capture the essence of being in the naturally serene locations of Ubud and Payangan, it’s recommended you make sure the area is clear of loud noise and noisy neighbours. If you have residents next door or live near a busy road, this might mean the addition of bamboo panels to create a privacy screen to disconnect from the hustle and bustle. 

There are many advantages to choosing bamboo panels to set up privacy screens in your backyard. Unlike other hardwood fences, bamboo is quite inexpensive due to the grass growing at an extremely fast rate, bamboo can reach maturity within 5 years. The fast growth rate also means that it’s an environmentally friendly material and is manufactured to be easy to install by homeowners with limited skills.

Bamboo panels will complete the Balinese theme, coming in a wide variety of colours, it will blend in flawlessly with your Bali hut, roofs as well as your plants. 

African Gazebo by a pool

4. Relax Under a Bali Hut or Umbrella

Feel like you’re always on holidays by incorporating a Bali hut or umbrella in your backyard. These standout features are a perfect choice if you don’t have the space for a full-sized structure like a large pergola. 

There are many benefits other than the aesthetics of Bali huts and umbrellas. The roofs offer protection from the rain as they are completely waterproof and designed in such a way that water won’t gather and will slide straight off. This ensures you can make the most of your backyard and entertain during any wet weather. 

Another perk is the structure presents a tropical shade so you can escape the harsh Australian sun. The roofing provides natural insulation so you can keep up to 10 degrees cooler on a hot day. You can fully enjoy your backyard by escaping from the heat of a summer’s day with a book and unwinding under a Bali hut or umbrella.

5. Decorate with Balinese Carvings

Another component of the Balinese style is the presence of several statues cleverly placed throughout the garden as focal points. A sculpture that is made out of natural stone or another natural material is advised as they are the central elements of Balinese gardens.

 There are endless possibilities when it comes to styling Balinese gardens. It all comes down to your own personal taste and the type of area you’re working with. The most important design element to be mindful of is including natural materials like bamboo, stone, thatch, and timber for an authentic Bali appearance. 

Contact us for a tailored approach to integrating our high-quality bamboo panels, thatched Bali hut, or umbrella into your tropical paradise today.