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Transform Your Yard with Affordably Priced Bamboo Fencing and Screening Panels in Brisbane

Bamboo fencing can deliver a range of benefits that you won’t get from timber. It’s more environmentally friendly, stronger, more durable, easier to maintain and offers a unique aesthetic that will set your home and yard apart from the rest of the neighbourhood. If there is one reason that many homeowners don’t pursue bamboo screening in Brisbane, it’s because of bamboo’s reputation for being a more expensive material than timber.

At Island Thatch, we are here to debunk that assumption. We stock bamboo panels in Brisbane in a range of sizes. Unlike some other suppliers, though, our bamboo screens are incredibly affordable. Generally, our panels are $49 each—while supplies last, at least. Whether you plan to build a privacy fence encircling your entire yard or just want to set up a screen around your pool or hot tub, our privacy and bamboo panels will make your project affordable and easy to put together.

Choosing the Right Size Bamboo Panels for Your Brisbane Project

The average width of our bamboo fencing poles at Island Thatch is 70mm. However, we also stock a range of other sizes, depending on what your needs are. The size bamboo panel that is right for your will depend on the nature and extent of your project in Brisbane. You might even end up using panels of various sizes, to ensure that you get the correct length and height of fence for the effect you desire.

Whatever you need, our team at Island Thatch is happy to help you choose the right panel or panels for your project. We have been selling bamboo panels and kits for thatch huts for 14 years now. We are experienced in the art of landscaping and garden décor and are here to help you turn your backyard into your own private haven for eating, cooking, relaxing or entertaining. If you aren’t sure which panel size is best for you, just give us a call, and we will help you make the best selection.

Our bamboo screening in Brisbane also comes in two different colours: natural and black. The black stain is ideal for darker themed yards or areas where dark hardwood is present. The natural look is the standard and is perfect if you have a lighter wood deck. Both options look terrific, though, so you can hardly go wrong either way. Why not give us a call to discuss your ideas?

Turn Your Backyard into a Vacation-Worthy Destination with Bamboo Panels in Brisbane

A backyard or outdoor space is an excellent asset for any residential property, but many homeowners don’t make full use of their outdoor areas. With the stunning décor that Island Thatch can provide, your outdoor patio or pool area can transform from a relatively plain residential backyard into a perfect hub for entertaining. To learn more about us, our bamboo fencing in Brisbane or our various types of huts and gazebos, give us a call on 0400 399 624.

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  • Bali Huts

Bali Hut Kits
& Bali Roofing Thatch

A Balinese Hut is the perfect way to create your own tropical paradise at home. An Island Thatch Bali Hut will transform your landscaping project into a tropical island dream.

  • African Gazebos

African Gazebo Kits
& African Cape Thatch Tiles

Create an Oasis in your backyard with an African Gazebo from Island Thatch.

  • Bamboo Screening


Bamboo panels are flexible and durable, environmentally friendly and require minimum maintenance.

  • Virothatch
    Synthetic Thatch

Virothatch Synthetic Thatch

Virothatch Synthetic Thatching is superior to natural thatch and other synthetic thatch products.