Go on Vacation in Your Backyard, with Bali Huts for Sale in Brisbane, Melbourne and on the Gold Coast!

You shouldn’t have to jet off to some exotic locale to find a spot for tranquil relaxation. Vacations are expensive, and they usually only last for a few days; it’s a far better idea to invest in turning your backyard into a vacation-worthy spot of luxury and comfort.

By shopping with Island Thatch, you can do just that!

For that past 16 years, we at Island Thatch have been offering a range of high-quality Bali Huts for sale in Brisbane, Melbourne and up and down the Gold Coast. Designed based on authentic thatched-roof huts from the Indonesian country of Bali, our Bali Huts are the perfect compliment to any backyard landscaping project or pool area. Our huts look like what you might expect to see on a luxurious resort beach somewhere in Indonesia. In other words, by browsing our Bali Huts for sale, you can bring a taste of tropical island lifestyle to your backyard!

Authentic Bali Huts for Incredible Sale Prices

When you purchase a Bali Hut for sale from Island Thatch in Melbourne or Brisbane, you will likely be shocked at the low prices we can offer. Indeed, our Bali thatching only costs $13.95 for each 2.5 metres in length. Often, the roof thatching we sell at Island Thatch is meant to be nailed or otherwise affixed to a pre-standing structure. Battens come complete with all Bali Thatch we sell on the Gold Coast, to make installation easier. However, we can also offer single post umbrellas, square and rectangular Bali Hut kits and custom hut kits. Bottom line, no matter the type of Bali Hut you are looking to set up in your backyard, Island Thatch can provide the necessary materials.

Regardless of whether you purchase a full Bali Hut kit for sale in Melbourne or just the roof thatching in Brisbane, you can always count on Island Thatch to provide an authentic product. Bali Thatch roofs (also known as Alang Alang in Indonesia) are woven grass roofs made completely from natural materials. When you shop with Island Thatch for a Bali Hut on the Gold Coast, we won’t just send you a knockoff version of this type of grass hut. On the contrary, we will provide you with a genuine product that looks and feels like what you would see on a beach in Bali.

Learn More about the Bali Huts we Have for Sale at Island Thatch!

Are you interested in learning more about our Bali Huts, seeing pictures of the thatching we have for sale or reading more about what customers have used Bali Thatch for in the past? If so, visit Island Thatch on the web today, at www.islandthatch.com.au!

If you have any specific questions about purchasing a Bali Thatch Hut in Brisbane, Melbourne or on the Gold Coast, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. You can reach Island Thatch reach via telephone, at 0400 399 624, or through the contact form on our website.