Looking for Alang Alang Thatching? Place an Order with Island Thatch

Many Bali huts or tropical style gazebos—at least the best looking, most authentic ones—use Alang Alang thatching for their roofs. Alang Alang is a type of natural grass grown on the islands of Bali. This material is used for the roof thatching of authentic Balinese huts. As such, when Island Thatch decided to start manufacturing tropical-style gazebos and huts 14 years ago, we knew we had to get our hands on some Alang Alang.

To this day, every Bali hut we sell at Island Thatch includes a bamboo batten roof woven with Alang Alang thatch. We source our Alang Alang thatching directly from Bali, to ensure the highest level of authenticity. Our Alang Alang typically lasts about 8-10 years in average Australian conditions. With that said, you can prolong the life of your Bali grass roof with the regular application of Thatchcoat.

If you need replacement Alang Alang thatching for an existing Bali hut or gazebo, you can count on Island Thatch for that, as well. We wholesale Bali grass to distributors throughout Australia and sell it to the public at factory-direct prices. Our Alang Alang grasses come in 2.5m by 900mm lengths and are ready to be woven into the batten of your hut roof.

Just because the thatching on your Bali hut has worn out doesn’t mean the hut doesn’t have plenty of life left in it. On the contrary, with a replacement order of Alang Alang thatching from Island Thatch, you can easily add another decade of life to your hut or gazebo. Call us on 0400 399 624 to learn more.