Replace the Thatching on Your Hut or Gazebo: Order from Island Thatch for Thatching in Cairns

At Island Thatch, we pride ourselves on selling high-quality hut and gazebo thatching that can truly stand the test of time. For 14 years, we have been sourcing top-grade thatching worldwide and selling it throughout Queensland.

However, while we fully stand behind our thatching and its longevity, we also know that no type of roof thatching can last forever. For this reason, we make it extremely easy to buy replacement thatching in Cairns.

When you buy a thatched roof hut, gazebo or umbrella from Island Thatch, you can usually expect to get about ten years of good performance out of the thatching. For instance, our African thatch has a lifespan of about 8-10 years. Our Alang Alang thatch—which we use on our Bali huts—also has a lifespan of about 8-10 years.

When it’s time for a revamp – you can easily update your structure with replacement thatching from Island Thatch. Thatch is typically made from grass or reeds, which will decompose and break down over time. In other words, you will eventually need to replace the thatching on your hut or gazebo.

At Island Thatch, we try to build our huts so that they will still be standing (and still be looking great) even when the time comes to trade out the thatch. That way, you can just buy thatching in Cairns, replace the roof on your gazebo and enjoy a like-new product. The fact that the majority of our sales are generated from thatching only shows us that we are doing our jobs by creating high-quality huts and gazebos.

Are you in the market for new hut thatching in Cairns? Call Island Thatch on 0400 399 624 to place an order.