The Advantages of Owning a Thatched Roof on the Gold Coast

When walking into a house with a thatched roof in Sydney, you cannot help but stare at the intrinsic beauty of the natural thatched roof interior. A thatched roof gives you a very relaxing view and feeling. If it gives you the inspiration to plan your roof thatching for your home, then you might want to know what benefits you will be getting from having a thatched roof.

One of the advantages of a thatched roof in Sydney is they are ideal for places with a hot climate because it acts as an insulator. The thicker the layers of the thatch roof, the cooler your house becomes and the more you save on cooling costs. In fact, your air conditioning costs can be significantly lower with a thatched roof in Sydney, and over the years that will offset the cost.

A Thatched Roof on the Gold Coast is Fully Waterproofed

On cooler days, a thatched roof on the Gold Coast keeps heat sealed in and can be naturally waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about rainwater coming in. There are a great number of materials used for making a thatched roof; these include materials such as Alang-Alang (Bali Thatch) and African Cape Reed. Both types are just as capable of dispelling water as their modern counterparts. You’ll find many people will admire your property if you have a thatched roof in Gold Coast, and your home will certainly be a head-turner.

The lifespan for a thatched roof in Brisbane and Melbourne is relatively long, especially if high-grade materials are used in their construction. With proper maintenance and care, a thatched roof can last for up to 50 years, or perhaps more. You will find there are special instructions on how to take care of your thatched roof in Brisbane. At the time of installation, this would be provided to you, or you can find this information on blogs and forums. If you care a lot about the environment, then a thatched roof in Melbourne could be a ‘greener’ solution for your roofing needs.

You can Complement your Thatched Roof in Melbourne with Bali Huts and Tropical Plants

You can also decorate your outside furniture made of other renewable resources such as bamboo and palm that go best with tropical and exotic settings. Thatched roofs are ideal for a Bali Hut and bar, shack, beach resort, umbrella, shed, and other structures. You can make a tropical paradise in your backyard by adding thatching and tropical plants.

A prominent outside décor will complement your thatched roof in Melbourne nicely, and can be very effective, especially at night with the right lighting. You could consider coloured lights aimed strategically at any tall shrubs or trees, or at the house itself. If you have a pool, then pool lighting is also a great way to show off the outside of your home. Don’t forget to illuminate your thatched roof, as it’s a prominent part of your home and deserves to get some attention.