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Viro Thatch

Used throughout the world in resorts such as Disneyworld, USA, The Mulia, Bali and Adventure World, Perth, Virothatch synthetic thatching replicates the look of Bali Thatch, making it one of the best looking Bali Thatch alternatives in the world.

This easy to use, natural-looking, durable product has the following benefits:

  • Maintenance-free – will not mould, rot, or shed
  • Resists birds and other pests that may break down natural thatch
  • 100 % recyclable – made of HDPE, high-density polyurethane
  • UV and colour stabilised, Virothatch will not fade or discolour
  • Each strand varies in colour from brown to honey, giving Virothatch a long-lasting, authentic look
  • 15 years manufacturer’s warranty

Virothatch Synthetic Bali Thatch comes in two forms – the full Virothatch Bali Tile and the Virothatch Bali Sub Roof Tile.

Full Virothatch Bali Tile – this flexible 780 mm x 600 mm tile comes with clips attached, making it a perfect replacement for natural African (Cape Reed) thatching. It can easily be clipped to a rod, or nailed to batten.

Virothatch Bali Sub Roof Tile – want to transform an ugly tin roof, or give an immediate tropical lift to an existing roof? Then Virothatch Bali Sub Roof tiles could be the answer you are looking for. This inexpensive, 780 mm x 600 mm tile is designed to go on top of a sub-roof to add an authentic thatch look to many applications.

Used worldwide in tropical resorts, including the Grand Hyatt, Sanur, Bali during their extensive five-year renovation, this easy to use, flexible tile can be nailed to plywood, and is an excellent option for the DIY enthusiast, and commercial resort project manager alike.

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