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ON SPECIAL! 3.8m African Thatch Round Gazebo Only $2,950 With Bonus 4L Thatchcoat!

Bali Thatch $15.50 | African Thatch $23.50 | Shingles $79.00

Synthetic Thatch from $15.95 | Bamboo Panels from $39.90

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Viro Surface Synthetic Matting

Ideal for creating a statement on ceilings, walls, and columns, the only limit with Virosurface is your imagination!

Resistant to mould, pests, and water damage, Virosurface is ideal for long term projects lasting twice as long as any natural matting product.

Use synthetic Virosurface as panelling for interior design projects, shopfitting concepts, gazebos, Bali huts and cabana matting, tiki bar linings – the list is endless.

This versatile product can easily be glued or nailed to a clean, smooth, stable surface area.

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