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Da Vinci Shingles

Da Vinci Shake Bundle - 22 Tiles

$165.00     $130.00

Da Vinci Starter Pack - 20 Tiles

$145.00     $115.00

Da Vinci Hip/Ridge Cpping - 10 Tiles

$145.00     $115.00

180mm Dia. x 2.5m Coconut Post

$165.00     $150.00

As coconut posts have no branches or annual growth rings, they come without knots and other structural weaknesses, making them highly suitable for gazebos posts. Coconut posts are only suitable for use above ground, and so stirrups will be required.

Bali Hut - 3.0m x 3.0m

$3660.00     $3295.00

Your Kit will include:

* Please note that dimensions are from Outside of Post to Outside of Post and does not include thatch overhang. Bali thatch gives an additional overhang of 0.5m per side.