Freshen Up Your Bali Hut with Re-Thatching to Improve Property Values

Do you enjoy having a beautiful Bali hut at home? For many, it’s an invaluable part of backyard décor and a gathering spot for friends and family. Over time, the thatch job on the roof will start to lose its lustre, and within about a decade from installation, it may be time to consider replacing the material altogether. Re-thatching a hut doesn’t have to be a challenge, though and it can help beautify your property to make it more appealing. At Island Thatch, we’re can help you achieve those goals.

The most important part of re-thatching is, of course, the thatch itself. We provide sustainably sourced options for Cape Reed thatch from Africa, along with Bali thatch for those who prefer a different look. Each option comes supplied with easy-to-understand instructions for installation on the frame. For those who aren’t confident in their ability, we can aid you in making arrangements for professional installation.

For homeowners, re-thatching is a practical way to improve something you enjoy while adding value to your property. Learn more about the thatching we have available, or give us a ring for some friendly assistance.

Why You Should Occasionally Rethatch Your Bali Hut: What’s the Benefit?

There are many reasons to want a Bali hut in your backyard — the fact that it has a beautiful aesthetic quality is just one of them. From the significant temperature difference you can achieve with shade from thatch versus a Colourbond roof to their simple yet elegant construction, they’re a simple addition to many homes. Best of all; they are generally maintenance-free. That is true, at least, for the vast majority of the time.

Occasionally, though, you should consider whether or not to rethatch the hut. There are good reasons to do so, even beyond the obvious visual improvement. Compare old and new thatch side by the side, and the difference is like night and day; it becomes hard to notice because the change is slow and gradual.

However, you may want to rethatch to improve water resistance or to change the look by adopting a different style of material. At Island Thatch, we can assist you in both scenarios. With both natural and synthetic fibres available, choosing how you want to rethatch is straightforward. All our options feature easy installation; in many cases, stapling or nailing the woven bamboo battens to the roof structure is all you’ll need to accomplish.

For large jobs or when you are unable to climb up and work on the roof yourself, Island Thatch is happy to facilitate arrangements for a team of installers to visit your property. When you evaluate the pros and cons and decide it’s time to revive a tired-looking thatched roof, make our team your first phone call.