When Should You Consider Re-Thatching Your Garden Bali Hut in Brisbane?

Bali huts are lovely additions to any home. Providing outdoor comfort in the shade and a place to entertain, their natural look is a big part of their appeal. Over time, though, you may wonder about the need for re-thatching. Brisbane homeowners should look for the signs that show it’s time.

Clear and obvious damage is the most obvious sign that rethatching should be on the cards. All thatch wears out eventually, and sometimes falling debris can damage the roof as well. When you have missing spots or growing holes, it’s probably time for a rethatch.

Next, signs of severe leaks during rainy days may also indicate the need for repairs. While not all natural roofing can guarantee complete water-tightness, most moisture should not be able to penetrate the thatch. Continuous leaking during rain is a sign that you should inspect the roof for the damaged area and make plans to repair it.

Finally, you may want to consider re-thatching your Bali hut in Brisbane on a regular long-term basis, approximately every 8 to 10 years. When the thatch no longer looks as good as it did upon installation, it can degrade the visual appearance of the hut. Replace grimy and worn-out roofing with new material for a better look.

At Island Thatch, we are proud to provide access to both high-quality African and Alang Alang Bali thatch that is easy to install. When it’s clear that it’s time to consider re-thatching your Brisbane hut, we’re ready to help. Contact us today to learn about ordering all the material you’ll need.