Why Buy Thatch Roofing in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or along the Gold Coast?

We’ve all seen thatch roof huts before, whether in person, in some tropical locale, or in a scenic postcard picture. But what benefits can you enjoy by buying thatch roofing and installing your own thatch-roofed hut or gazebo in your backyard? At Island Thatch, we have been answering that question for the past 14 years. We are pleased to say that our customers are not only receptive to the answers we give but that they also come back later to tell us how much they love their thatch roofing.

If you have been thinking about buying thatch roofing for DIY landscaping or backyard improvement project in Sydney or Melbourne, then Island Thatch can help. With more than a decade of experience in this industry—not to mention a catalog of high-quality products—we have the knowledge and resources necessary to take your project to the next level.

The Benefits of Buying Thatch Roofing in Melbourne or Sydney

If you are on the fence about buying roof thatching on the Gold Coast, don’t be! The benefits of having a thatch roof hut in your pool or patio area are extensive and worth the investment.

First of all, note that thatch roofing projects are not like many other landscaping or home improvement efforts. Where most projects in this realm are expensive, messy and time-consuming, thatch huts and gazebos can be installed quickly, easily and with no fuss. At Island Thatch, we have put together a range of convenient Bali and African Hut kits. With these kits, you can buy thatch roofing for your Brisbane or Sydney home and have it delivered and installed in just a matter of days! In other words, our products provide all of the rewards of more extensive landscaping improvement jobs, but without most of the hard work or expense.

In addition to the convenient, low-cost setup of Island Thatch’s hut kits, our thatch roofing is also easier to maintain than many other outdoor roofing structures. The natural thatch and timber construction of our huts mean they aren’t susceptible to condensation—which in turn makes them perfect for use in pool or spa areas. Our huts are also wind and weather-resistant and offer incredible durability and lifespan. Suffice to say that you can buy thatch roofing today on the Gold Coast and still have it going strong in 12 years.

But perhaps the greatest benefit of buying thatch roofing in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney is that it looks great. At Island Thatch, we pride ourselves on being able to bring a taste of the tropical vacation lifestyle home with you. By purchasing one of our thatched-roof huts, you will instantly turn your home’s backyard into the go-to gathering spot for friends, family members, and neighbors. You’ll be the talk of the town!

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