Give Yourself Extra Privacy While Enhancing the Look of Your Yard: Invest in Bamboo Screens and Fencing in Sunshine Coast

Perhaps your home used to be surrounded by vacant lots, but those parcels of land are now filling in with new neighbours. Alternatively, maybe someone who you don’t necessarily get along with recently moved in next door. Either way, if you are thinking of ways to add extra privacy to your front or backyard, then bamboo screening is worthy of your consideration.

At Island Thatch, we sell bamboo screens on the Sunshine Coast. Our bamboo fencing panels are easy to set up and put together and can act as an effective privacy shield for your home. Perhaps most crucially, they provide a unique aesthetic to your property that may appeal more than a standard privacy fence.

Skip the Plain Wooden Fence; Choose Bamboo Instead

Most privacy fences are tall wooden barriers that block out prying eyes or unwanted guests. They serve their functions well but don’t always complement the look and design of your yard or your outdoor entertaining spaces. If you want to achieve a unique aesthetic without sacrificing privacy, then Island Thatch’s bamboo screens might be the ideal option.

Rustic and beautiful, our bamboo fencing in Sunshine Coast comes in individual panels. Our panels come in a variety of different sizes, depending on what you require. Panels are easy to set up or put together, so whether you are trying to create a full fence around your property or an outdoor grilling or dining area that is set apart from the rest of the yard, you can do it.

The aesthetic is the characteristic that most often attracts customers to our bamboo screens rather than to other types of fencing. Each panel is made from genuine bamboo, which creates a fresh look. We also offer bamboo panels in two different colours—Natural or black. You can choose the right colour to complement your landscaping and backyard furnishings.

Buy Bamboo Fencing in Sunshine Coast by Shopping with Island Thatch

Are you interested in adding bamboo fencing to your Sunshine Coast yard? Whether you are seeking to improve privacy or simply want to add some additional visual spark to your property, the bamboo screens we sell at Island Thatch are perfect for the job. To learn more about bamboo panel sizes, pricing details and other important information, give us a call on 0400 399 624.