Create a Tropical Paradise on the Gold Coast, with Bali Thatch in Melbourne and Brisbane

If you’ve been dreaming about your last tropical getaway, you might be interested in learning it’s very easy to recreate the look and feel of your holiday retreat right in your own backyard.

Think back to your last vacation, and try to remember some of the details surrounding the area where you stayed. A pool, outside bar, wooden decking perhaps, palm trees, and soft lighting might well be features you remember. The outside bar may well have had a Bali Thatch roof, and while you might think this would be the hardest feature to recreate, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find it’s extremely easy. Just think of how relaxing it would be to be sitting in the shade of a Bali Thatch Hut, sipping on a Margarita on those hot summer evenings. You can be doing it all from the comfort and security of your backyard!

Recreate an Authentic Vacation Feeling with Bali Thatch

Alang-Alang (or Bali Thatch) recreates an authentic tropical look, as it’s the same grass that can be found growing on the tropical islands of Lombok and Bali. The properties of Bali Thatch means it’s hard-wearing and will last a very long time. At the same time, it provides and aesthetically pleasing result that is also practical at keeping areas of your backyard cooler by providing shade. In an outdoor living space, the shade is often essential especially during warm summer months. In fact, you’ll be pleased to learn the insulating properties of Bali Thatch means you can see a difference of 10 degrees or more sitting under a

Bali Thatch Hut.

Bali Thatch is available in Melbourne from Island Thatch and comes as complete lengths that can just be stapled to existing wooden structures. They can also come as kits to create huts of various different shapes. Bali Thatch is extremely efficient at creating that authentic tropical look, and can it can be added easily around your poolside, or around an outside spa, or even used around windows or an outside table. In fact, where you can use Bali Thatch is limited only by your imagination. Are you limited by space? Island Thatch’s Umbrellas are a perfect use of Bali Thatch for Gold Coast residents wanting to create shade for seating and outside dining areas.

There are many examples of Bali Thatch on the Gold Coast. Bali Thatch is popular in Brisbane, Melbourne and along the Gold Coast, and many examples of this beautiful thatch-work can be seen and admired.

You can also add other tropical elements to your backyard to make it more authentic. Perhaps you can add lush, tropical plants to provide some colour. If you have room, you can have palm trees swaying in the wind, and lots of healthy greenery. Hammocks are particularly effective for a tropical garden. Just make sure the trees you hang a hammock from are strong and healthy. Add a few personal touches such as directional lighting for the evenings, and some comfortable loungers, and you’re all set to enjoy a little bit of paradise in your backyard.