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Bali Huts and Umbrella Kits

In Australia, we are blessed with a climate that allows us to enjoy outdoor living, so why not create a tropical resort in your backyard?

Whether it’s relaxing with a book, entertaining friends or taking refuge from the heat of the day, a Bali Hut or Gazebo from Island Thatch is a stunning yet simple solution to enhance your outdoor area – adding both tropical tranquillity and value to your home.

Thatch Roof Huts have a timeless appeal, having been used for shelter and shade throughout the world for centuries.

Our Bali Huts and Gazebos are both designed, and manufactured, in Australia to stringent standards, guaranteeing you peace of mind and quality.

In addition to transforming an outdoor space, our Bali Thatch Huts and African Thatch Roof Gazebos are:

Our Bali Hut Kits include:

Bali Hut Kits

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Synthetic Bali Hut Kits

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Round & Umbrella Kits

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What Type of Bali Hut Kit to Purchase (And Where to Find One in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or throughout the Gold Coast Region)

When most of us see a thatched roof hut—be it a Bali Hut or an African Hut—it makes us think of relaxed vacations, picturesque beaches, exotic locales and good times. Because huts like these are so commonly seen on resort beaches or serving as poolside bars, we associate them with far-flung adventures.

Now, though, you don’t even have to leave your backyard to enjoy the vacation-like feel of a Bali Hut! On the contrary, by shopping with Island Thatch, you can get your very own Bali Hut in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere in the Gold Coast region!

Choosing the Right Bali Hut Kit For over 20 years, Island Thatch has been specialising in marketing African Hut and Bali Hut kits on the Gold Coast. Essentially, we want to help you to your backyard into a vacation-worthy luxury hotspot, and an authentic thatched roof hut can add a lot to that atmosphere. Not all of the Bali Huts we sell in Melbourne or Sydney are the same, either. On the contrary, with Island Thatch’s selection of numerous different Bali Hut kits, you can choose the thatched roof hut that fits your tastes and your space like a glove. Here are the different Bali Hut kits that we currently have available for purchase:
  • Single Post Umbrella Kits: Our umbrella Bali kits are perfect for providing shade out on the patio, by the pool or on the beach.
  • Square Bali Hut Kits: If you are looking to add a Bali Hut to your Gold Coast business or residence, our square hut kits might be the perfect option. These kits are particularly popular among customers looking to designed covered patio spaces, alfresco dining areas or surrounded spa settings.
  • Rectangular Bali Hut Kits: Build an exotic outdoor bar or restaurant space, with a spacious rectangular Bali Hut in Sydney or Melbourne.
  • Alang Alang Thatching: If you simply want to purchase Bali Hut Thatching, but not an actual hut kit, our Alang Alang Thatching option will be ideal for you. Our Alang Alang Thatching is sold in 2.5 metre sections complete with bamboo batten running through it, which can easily be nailed or stapled to an existing structure. This model is ideal for overhang roofs or storefronts.
  • Custom Built Huts: Do you have a specific vision for your Bali Hut in Brisbane or Sydney? If none of our pre-existing kits match your concept, Island Thatch is happy to build a custom-designed hut to your specs!

Purchase Your Bali Hut on the Gold Coast Today

Are you ready to purchase your Bali Hut and have it delivered to your Gold Coast home or business for installation? Or do you need additional information or advice to decide which kit is best for your space? You can learn more by filling out the contact form on the Island Thatch website! You can find the form here.