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Bali Hut & Gazebos Kits

In Australia, we are blessed with a climate that allows us to enjoy outdoor living, so why not create a tropical resort in your backyard? Whether it’s relaxing with a book, entertaining friends or taking refuge from the heat of the day, a Bali Hut or Gazebo from Island Thatch is a stunning yet simple solution to enhance your outdoor area – adding both tropical tranquillity and value to your home.

Thatch Roof Huts have a timeless appeal, having been used for shelter and shade throughout the world for centuries. Our Bali Huts and Gazebos are both designed, and manufactured, in Australia to stringent standards, guaranteeing you peace of mind and quality.

In addition to transforming an outdoor space, our Bali Thatch Huts and African Thatch Roof Gazebos are:

  • 99 – 100 % waterproof depending on thatch type.
  • Naturally insulated offering maximum UV protection
  • Up to ten degrees cooler than a metal roof in summer – a real bonus in the Australian heat.
  • Free of condensation – making it an ideal application for alfresco areas, spas, outdoor wet rooms, and more.
  • Durable – offering a long lifespan.
  • Installation may be available depending on location.



Bali Huts

Transform your landscaping project into a tropical island dream with our Balinese Hut.

African Gazebo & Huts

Create an Oasis in your backyard with an African Gazebo from Island Thatch.

Ironwood Shingle Gazebos

Designed to withstand extreme climate and offers timeless beauty, with excellent durability.