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Enjoy a Luxurious Staycation, with Bali Huts and Bali Hut Thatching in Gold Coast

When you need a vacation, but can’t find the time or money to get away, having an exotic, authentic-looking Bali hut right there in your backyard can help to take away some of the sting. At Island Thatch, we sell both Bali huts and Bali …read more.

Give Yourself Extra Privacy While Enhancing the Look of Your Yard: Invest in Bamboo Screens and Fencing in Sunshine Coast

Perhaps your home used to be surrounded by vacant lots, but those parcels of land are now filling in with new neighbours. Alternatively, maybe someone who you don’t necessarily get along with recently moved in next door. Either way, if you …read more.

Transform Your Yard with Affordably Priced Bamboo Fencing and Screening Panels in Brisbane

Bamboo fencing can deliver a range of benefits that you won’t get from timber. It’s more environmentally friendly, stronger, more durable, easier to maintain and offers a unique aesthetic that will set your home and yard apart from the rest of …read more.

Thinking about Bamboo Fencing, Screens or Panels for Your Yard in Gold Coast? Consider These Benefits

Bamboo is becoming a more popular option for many types of fencing and panelling in Australian yards. At Island Thatch, we are proud to be ahead of this trend, offering an array of bamboo panels in Gold Coast for a variety of purposes …read more.

Replace the Thatching on Your Hut or Gazebo: Order from Island Thatch for Thatching in Cairns

At Island Thatch, we pride ourselves on selling high-quality hut and gazebo thatching that can truly stand the test of time. For 14 years, we have been sourcing top-grade thatching world wide and selling it throughout Queensland …read more.

Looking for Alang Alang Thatching? Place an Order with Island Thatch

Many Bali huts or tropical style gazebos—at least the best looking, most authentic ones—use Alang Alang thatching for their roofs. Alang Alang is a type of natural grass grown on the islands of Bali. This material is used for the roof …read more.

Island Thatch Offers Bali Hut Thatching Products in Brisbane, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast

Island Thatch has been offering Bali Hut Thatching products to the public at factory direct prices for over 14 years. Bali Hut Thatching in the Gold Coast sourced material from Bali and …read more.

Island Thatch Provides African Cape Reed Thatch Huts in the Gold Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne

If you are looking for African Cape Reed Thatch products in the Gold Coast, Sydney, or Melbourne, check out Island Thatch. African Thatch is a tile that is 800mm by 425mm that is made from sturdy and durable Cape Reed. African Thatch Melbourne products provide a …read more.

The Advantages of Owning a Thatched Roof on the Gold Coast

When walking into a house with a thatched roof in Sydney, you cannot help but stare at the intrinsic beauty of the natural thatched roof interior. A thatched roof gives you a very relaxing view and feeling. If it gives you the inspiration to plan your roof thatching for …read more.

Thatch Roofing: A Better (and Cooler) Form of UV Protection in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne

Picture this: you are looking to build an outdoor roofing structure to cover a spa, patio or outdoor bar, but aren’t sure where to start. You are working on a tight budget, so finding an inexpensive option is a top priority. At the same time, you don’t want to …read more.

Buy Thatching for Factory Direct Prices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or the Gold Coast

Are you looking to buy thatching for a backyard gazebo, patio roofing section or outdoor bar cover? If so, then Island Thatch is the place to shop! For the past 14 years, we have been one of the most dependable sources for …read more.

Why Buy Thatch Roofing in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or along the Gold Coast?

We’ve all seen thatch roof huts before, whether in person, in some tropical locale, or in a scenic postcard picture. But what benefits can you enjoy by buying thatch roofing and installing your own thatch-roofed hut or gazebo in your backyard? At Island Thatch, we have been answering that …read more.

Go on Vacation in Your Backyard, with Bali Huts for Sale in Brisbane, Melbourne and on the Gold Coast!

You shouldn’t have to jet off to some exotic locale to find a spot for tranquil relaxation. Vacations are expensive, and they usually only last for a few days; it’s a far better idea to …read more.

What Type of Bali Hut Kit to Purchase (And Where to Find One in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or throughout the Gold Coast Region)

When most of us see a thatched roof hut—be it a Bali Hut or an African Hut—it makes us think of relaxed vacations, picturesque beaches, exotic locales and good times. Because huts like these are …read more.

Create a Tropical Paradise on the Gold Coast, with Bali Thatch in Melbourne and Brisbane

If you’ve been dreaming about your last tropical getaway, you might be interested in learning it’s very easy to recreate the look and feel of your holiday retreat right in …read more.

When Should You Consider Re-Thatching Your Garden Bali Hut in Brisbane?

Bali huts are lovely additions to any home. Providing outdoor comfort in the shade and a place to entertain, their natural look is a big part of their appeal. Over time, though, you may wonder about the need for re-thatching …read more.

Freshen Up Your Bali Hut with Re-Thatching to Improve Property Values

Every homeowner knows that keeping a property in good condition can be a challenge but that there is a certain sense of pride that comes from successful maintenance, too. That’s why the “do it yourself”, or DIY movement …read more.

Why You Should Occasionally Rethatch Your Bali Hut: What’s the Difference?

There are many reasons to want a Bali hut in your backyard — the fact that it has a beautiful aesthetic quality is just one of them. From the significant temperature difference you can achieve with shade from thatch versus a …read more.

Thatch Roof Repairs Can Bring New Life to Old Structures on Your Property

Bali-style huts with thatched roofs are popular not only with homeowners but with some businesses, too. Whether you enjoy one of these structures as a space for al fresco dining at home or it’s a welcoming space for patrons to …read more.